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Orci Luctus Et Ultrices

Interdum Dapibus Ac

Fusce Euismod Conse

Cd "Under Control" (2010)



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Bruce Springsteen Medley arr. D-Base


Iedereen is van de wereld arr. Roeland Van Rooy


Living La Vida Loca arr. Hans Cassa


I Wish arr.Cadence


Discomedley arr. Hans Cassa


Don't You Forget About Me arr. Koen Dries


Plainotfancy arr. The Blenders


Ik wil je arr. Koen Dries


Uninvited arr. Luc Nelissen


Skandal im Sperrbezirk arr. D-Base

Cd "In the Meantime" (2005)



Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic


There's a Fraction Too Much Friction


Papa was a rolling stone


Old And Wise


Ik leef niet meer voor jou


I Feel Good


Into Temptation


I Feel An Angel


I'm a Scatman


I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Don't worry be happy (country-version)

Cd "Hard to Handle" (2020)



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Hard To Handle (The Black Crowes) arr. Marty van der Staak


One Day Like This (Elbow) arr. Roeland Van Rooy


Uprising (Muse) arr. Deke Sharon


I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz) arr. Tom Anderson


Lady Marmalade (Labelle) arr. Roeland Van Rooy


Honey Bee (Belle Perez’, Johannes Gerard) arr. Marty van der Staak


Sing Hallelujah (Dr. Alban) arr. Roeland Van Rooy


Timshel (Mumford & Sons) arr. Roeland Van Rooy


Mykonos (Fleet Foxes) adapt. Mara Verhaert


Formidable (Stromae) arr. Merel Martens


Umbrella (The Baseballs) arr. Marty van der Staak


Tiger Rag (Original Dixieland Jazz Band) arr. Alex Steurs